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What You Need to Know About Horse Trailer Insurance

Horse-related traffic accidents rarely make the headlines unlike vehicular accidents. But this doesn’t mean that these mishaps don’t happen.

In fact, the British Horse Society (BHS) believes that horse-related traffic accidents are underreported. The Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) says that there were 4,199 horse-related accidents from 2011 to 2012.

While horse drawn vehicles don’t move as fast as sports cars, their size make them more at risk of damaging property or causing injuries to other people.

Aside from traffic accidents, horse trailer can also be stolen. And it’s not a shock that thieves like to prey on them considering that a new horse trailer is well over £40,000.

Given these circumstances, it is really wise for any horse owner to invest in a horse trailer insurance.

What Does It Cover?

The following are the typical features of a horse trailer insurance:

  1. Roadside assistance—this covers for expenses related to towing services in the event that the vehicle towing the horse trailer breaks down. This is usually offered 24/7.

  2. Accidental damage, fire, and theft cover—this shields the horse owner against damage or loss of the horse trailer. Some insurers give their policyholders the option to choose between actual cash value coverage or replacement value.

  3. Third party liability—this covers the policyholder against legal liability in the event a person is injured or killed by the horse trailer, or if the latter damages a property.

  4. Equipment coverage- this can cover for the policyholder's loss or damage to tack, equipment as well as trailer upgrades.

  5. Trailer hire— this feature lets the policyholder hire a replacement trailer with the insurer reimbursing the costs.

  6. Recovery— the insurance company will pay for the costs of picking up or recovering the repaired horse trailer.

Factors Affecting Horse Trailer Insurance Rates

Horse trailer insurance isn’t cheap, which is not surprising since horse trailer is itself expensive. Premiums may vary depending on the insurer, but can be affected by factors such as:

  • Make and model of the trailer

  • Number of horses transported

  • Driving record of the policyholder

  • Location of the policyholder

  • Amount of deductible

How to Save on Horse Trailer Insurance

While it is likely you’ll pay a significant amount for your horse trailer insurance premium, you could get some discounts from the insurer if you follow these tips:

  1. Make your trailer easy to identify. By doing so, you can deter thieves from stealing the horse trailer. The key is making your horse trailer stand out, so that it is easy to identify. You can paint something on the trailer so that the authorities will be able to track it easily.

  2. Lock your trailer hitch. Purchasing a hitch lock can further discourage thieves, and make your trailer less likely to be stolen.

  3. Enquire with your insurer if having a low annual mileage makes you qualified for a discount. Lumping third party liability, fire, theft, and damage cover in one policy could also qualify you for lower rates.